• From Employee Burnout to Workplace Balance

  • Employees are burned out, tuned out, and checked out – causing an epidemic of high turnover, low productivity, and plummeting happiness at work.

    Employers are struggling to find a way out of the depressing company culture that lies within their four walls. What was once a thriving company with employees willing to bleed with company loyalty is now a bank of employees just putting in their time. Between every grumble, complaint, and eye-roll is low productivity, lost revenue and a constant search for employees to find “the next best thing.” But, does that even exist?

    While employers believe they have a talent problem, employees believe that they have a employer problem – in a constant cycle thinking that the grass must be greener somewhere else. In reality, neither of these are the real problem.


    The real problem is that somewhere along the way, employers expected more and employees started to care less, creating the biggest gap in workplace happiness in our history! Unhappiness in the workplace cost companies more than $550 billion dollars every year in the United States!

    The good news is that employers can recover these costs by making a few simple shifts. By committing to these shifts, employers will see increased productivity, lower turnover, and keep more money to the bottom line!

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