• Joel Pilka

    Joel Pilka is an entrepreneur, national speaker and family man who encourages everyone he meets to actually see life through rose-colored glasses. Says Joel, “Why not look at the bright side? Why not get involved and share this amazing life with those around us?”

    A few years ago, Joel was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early and doctors took care of it. Yet, even with an eventual successful treatment, Joel was frozen with fear, internalizing everything. He lost sight of where his life was headed and what he wanted his reality to be. He lived life without a thought to his future; drinking too much and caring too little.

    Joel hit rock bottom after an alcohol-infused Saturday night, bleeding in a bathtub full of shattered glass.

    He saw his life flash before his eyes – and knew his life was meant for more. He began to change his actions and path in life.

    Today, Joel knows that life is about connecting with others on a deeper level – a level of real truth, pure joy and a happier life. Joel has discovered:

    • You don’t necessarily have to reach an insane depth of despair before making a change.
    • You can take small actions each day to connect more deeply with the ones you love.
    • You do not have to live in an anxious state – you can control fear and anxiety.
    • The decision to be happy is in your hands – it is a choice, and many small decisions over time will instill peace and happiness within you.

    Joel now brings his story of self-discovery and compassion to the stage. His goal is to learn more about you and give you the tools to break free from fears and create a happier existence.

  • Amy Dix

    Amy Dix is an international speaker, international best-selling author and avid entrepreneur who inspires others to live life on a different level, rooted in positivity and pure happiness.

    After her mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Amy searched to find the silver lining within the tragic circumstances. She knew the end of her mom’s life was near, and she became more and more heartbroken as this reality set in.

    To make the distressing situation even worse, Amy’s mom was quickly losing the ability to communicate. Amy realized she would not have any more meaningful conversations with her mom or receive last words of wisdom. Amy felt like she had so many questions for her mom that would go unanswered.

    Amy wasn’t ready to give up. She discovered #lipsticktherapy – a single social media hashtag that changed everything. Through her creation, posts and communications within #lipsticktherapy, Amy learned how to bring humor and hope to a grim situation. Amy saw how she and others were drawn to, inspired and mesmerized by the sharing of peace and positivity.

    The lessons Amy so badly wanted to learn from her mom didn't require a conversation at all. Through her own example, Amy’s mom already taught Amy the best lesson of all: How to live a simple, positive and authentic life.

    This journey led Amy to study positivity and the impact it has on one’s life. Amy’s e-book, “Wear Pink Lipstick: How to Be Positive and Stay Strong in Life’s Most Difficult Times” has been downloaded in three countries and has impacted hundreds. Soon Amy will release her second book, “SEVEN MORE DAYS: A Simple, Positive, More Authentic Way of Living.” Amy now brings her message to the stage, challenging the chaos in today’s world and creating a gripping experience of emotion and happiness.