• For the first time, Joel Pilka and Amy Dix are teaming up ON STAGE to deliver a riveting performance that will take you on an impactful ride of influence, inspiration, and insight.  
    Their brilliant talk will motivate you to a new level of living that will give you unmatched results in your quest for happiness. They transcend the common beliefs about how to be happy and “crush life!”
    This is the ultimate workshop for self-reflection, personal renewal, and undeniable results!
  • You know a positive environment is important, but you aren’t sure how to pull it all together for all employees. If you want to retain top talent, create an infectious culture that drives employees to reach their maximum potential in their professional and personal life, this course is for your organization!  

    Learning Objectives: 

    • Understand how productivity and engagement drives real results to your bottom line
    • Use effective techniques to recruit and retain top talent
    • Understand how different personalities contribute to a happy work environment
    • Identify toxic behavior in order to create change
    • Create and insanely happy workplace everyone can be proud of
    • Tactics to develop future leaders 

    Course Highlights:

    Understanding How Personalities Affect The Workplace

    • What drives people to perform
    • How to use science to discover who you are
    • Building on your strengths 

    Communication Essentials

    • How to work with various personalities
    • Discover your “voice”
    • Learn the 5 myths about communicating with negative people
    • Learn how to express your needs in a productive and positive way 

    How to Handle Toxic People

    • Secrets to dealing with negative people
    • Working with the Smarty-Pants, the Negative Nancys, the One-Uppers, and the Deceitful Daves
    • What to say in a tough conversations
    • Listening for success 

    Focusing on What’s Most Important: YOU

    • Setting your career goals
    • Develop your personal development plan that will ensure success
    • Understanding how to develop your brain for positivity
    • Learn the secrets to love going to work – every…single…day…

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