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“Love working with Joel and Amy! The Positive Life Company is a fantastic group of people who share the life balance of ‘do what makes you happy!!!'” 



HAPPEE Workplace Workshop

Give Your Company Culture a Competitive Advantage with “HAPPEE Workplace”

Our unique “HAPPEE Workplace” training workshop is all it takes to transform a team of unhappy, unmotivated, and unproductive employees into the equivalent of a charged-up Super Bowl team!

The Bottom Line?

Immediately after having us present our “Science of Happiness” workshop to your people, you will quickly notice an uptick in profitability, improved customer experience, and increased employee engagement.

HAPPEE Lunch-N-Learn

Give Your Company Culture a Competitive Advantage with “HAPPEE Workplace”

Give your employees a dose of HAPPEE and start their path to increased engagement, higher productivity, and ultimate joy at work.

Live a Life That’s Bursting With Positivity and Happiness…Before It’s Too Late! (Keynote)

How happy are you? What if you had seven days to live, would you be happy with the life you led? Did you accomplish what you wanted in life?

A touching story told through true life events, author Amy Dix wrote Seven More Days: Live a Life That’s  Bursting with Positivity and Happiness…Before it’s too Late, an international best-selling book filled with emotion, hope and change.

This inspiring story captures the true meaning of happiness and challenges the chaos in today’s world leaving you to question your past actions, yet changing them for the future.  Amy inspires others to live life on a different level, rooted in positivity and happiness.

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